Monday, January 16, 2017

San Francisco "Send them to Marin!"

Urban Habitat's Bob Allen speaks at Bay Guardian conference June 12, 2013. His solution to displacement of African Americans and Latinos in San Francisco is to force more urban growth in suburban and rural counties like Marin, Sonoma and Napa. He completely misses the irony that his "solution" is to for other communities to deal with it. He claims that community's who call for "local control" are racist, segregationists. Because of this, no money from HUD or MTC should be given unless a growth policy is adapted. A better solution is a regional government which would eliminate local control. He also implies that Marin is filled with Agenda 21 conspiracy theorists. Urban Habitat receives its funding through public and private donations and income from its litigation. Allen utterly ignores the plight of ethnic communities. Don't they need local control too? Wouldn't "local control" allow for communities of color to stay intact? In Chinatown, the Mission, Hunters Point communities suffer while the social engineers cause the disruption and displacement of thousands.

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