Monday, December 26, 2016

SolEd explains "Who is responsible for Marinwood's Solar Contract?"

SolEd Benefit Corp attempts to explain the solar power purchase agreement to the Marinwood CSD.  The long winded explanation concludes that an un named third party will be responsible for the implementation.  Shouldn't the taxpayers of Marinwood CSD know who will be responsible for twenty year life of the solar contract?  You may have to watch this tape several times since he provides confusing, evasive answers.  Apparently, we are contracting for twenty years with an unknown third party investor.

On November 10. 2015, the City of St. Helena cancelled their contract with SolEd due to "non performance".   

Fair warning to Marinwood CSD. Know who you are doing business with.

  • Richard Devore, C2 Special Situations Group, LLC  Linked IN

  • City of St. Helena votes UNANIMOUSLY to cancel  contract with SolEd Benefit Corporation for "non performance".  Staff Report HERE

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