Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Is this the same Richard Dovere of C2 Beta Holdings that is the partner with Marinwood?

The Marinwood CSD signed a contract with Richard Dovere of C2 Beta Holdings.  Is this the same man?  His company was formed just six months ago and it appears he has had multiple businesses since 2011 when this video was made.  Quite an achievement for a 29 year old man.

The real concern is with his company with whom we have a twenty five year commitment.  We could have done business with the established solar companies yet for some odd reason, Sol-Ed, won the contract.  It is owned by David Kunhardt, a company run out a cubicle in downtown San Rafael with NO SOLAR installations experience when it won the contract.  Strange isn't it?

Who is David Kunhardt?  He is an affordable housing lobbyist with  CALM and has testified frequently that Marinwood needs more affordable housing.  

Another key player is Cyane Dandridge, a former Marinwood CSD Director who owns SEI and runs the MSEL Environmental High School at Terra Linda High. She secured the exclusive consulting contract for solar engineering for Marinwood without competitive bids before resigning in 2012. Prior to that she was on the committee to approve eight sites for affordable housing in Marinwood Lucas Valley.   We now have a stunning 83% of all the very low and low income housing units for unincorporated Marin.  


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