Thursday, February 11, 2016

Leah Kleinman-Green is "Terrified"!

Leah Kleinman-Green , Marinwood CSD director expresses her support for the elimination of a "leash optional" area of the park due to her "terror".  Listen as she lists her fears of off leash dogs,  the danger to the park, the danger to children, danger from strangers and lawyers with lawsuits.  This park has been "leash optional" for sixty years with almost ZERO incidents.  The room was packed with responsible dog owners who want to maintain their freedom.  Justin Kai and Izabela Perry also voted for the ban.

Marinwood approves leash requirement for popular multiuse trail

A sign in San Rafael showing Marinwood Park rules includes a requirement that dogs stay on a leash.Alan Dep — Marin Independent Journal

Marinwood community leaders tightened the district’s leash law this week, saying liability concerns inspired the new requirement on multiuse trails.
Marinwood Community Services District directors voted 3-2 Tuesday to extend the leash requirement to multiuse pathways such as the popular Panhandle Trail south of Quietwood Drive, along Miller Creek. Board members Jeff Naylor and William Shea were opposed.
The ordinance can now be enforced by the Marin Humane Society on the Panhandle, the only multiuse trail in the district. Off leash violators are subject to citation and a $76 fine.
Board member Izabela Perry said she understood the ordinance may come as a shock for those who have walked their dogs unleashed for years on the trail, but safety was key in her decision to approve the restriction.
“My decision was influenced mostly by the concern for the safety of our residents and children in the community,” Perry said. “There were reports of adults and dogs being intimidated and attacked. Some of these incidences resulted in the necessity for medical treatment. That’s concerning.”
Perry, along with board member Leah Kleinman-Green and board president Justin Kai said they wanted to insulate the district from lawsuits.
“My decision was based on airing on the side of caution and working toward limiting the district’s liability if instances of any tragic incidents of attack were ever to occur in an area made known to us as having issues,” Kai said.    See the full story HERE

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