Monday, February 22, 2016

Armed Sheriff guarding Marinwood CSD meeting advocates for Leashes

Marin County Sheriff testifies that strangers with unruly dogs will overrun Marinwood Park if Marinwood doesn't have a leash law.  In my view, it was completely inappropriate for an armed uniformed officer to provide advocacy at a public meeting.  

Apparently he was called in by someone to "maintain the peace" .  The board must have been concerned about the public reaction that is overwhelming against changing the current leash law ordinance.  

Did they think we were going to cause a riot?  Who called in the Sheriff for security? Is this a bit of an over reaction?

The Sheriff's Department does not enforce dog leash laws.  That is left to the Marin Humane Society.  The officer should have told the public this. He should have refrained from comment while on duty and in uniform.  He is welcome to make unofficial remarks as a private citizen.

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