Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marinwood Plaza Dry Cleaner Toxic Waste Contamination explained. ( 4 minutes)

Here is a brief video explaining the dry cleaning contamination as is found at Marinwood Plaza.
Prosperity cleaners occupied Marinwood Plaza for approximately fifteen years and high levels of PCE contamination was found in December 2012 at 2000 times above the legal limit.  PCE is associated with major health risks and was banned in California in 2007. This report was produced by Stanford University students in 2008 of another drycleaner with issues similar to Prosperity Cleaners.

The PCE toxic waste was extends from Marinwood Plaza, under the 101 freeway and is threatening the water supply of the Silveira Dairy Ranch.

A clean up order has been issued to current Marinwood Plaza owners, Marinwood Plaza LLC (aka Hoytt Enterprises) to remove the PCE by August 1, 2016.   On January 12, 2014, Hoytt Enterprises appealed the order to allow more time for clean up to a distant date in the future so that Bridge Housing could get permitting and financing together to build Marinwood Village, a 81 unit apartment complex.

Despite the threat to the Silveira Ranch, the dairy herd and the health of potentially thousands of people, Supervisor Susan Adams and Assemblyman Marc Levine, lobbied the  RWQCB to remove the order and delay the clean up for the benefit of Bridge Housing, Wells Fargo Bank and Marinwood Plaza,LLC.
Dry Cleaning Toxic Waste Health risks

Supervisor Susan Adams (PHD, Nursing) asked for a delay for the PCE Toxic Waste cleanup from RWQCB on behalf of
Bridge Housing, Wells Fargo and Hoytt Enterprises.
Thankfully the Board demanded immediate action to protect the Silveira Ranch water supply that feeds the dairy cattle, ranch employees and thousands of consumers of milk.

After hearing the appeal from Wells Fargo Bank,  Geologica and Marinwood Plaza and objections by Silveira Ranch and Marinwood residents, the RWQCB voted unanimously to keep the order in place for the health of the community and our water supply.  Half of the directors even supported an accelerated cleanup by July 1, 2015 due to the severity of the risk.

See the full Marinwood Plaza Hearing: HERE

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