Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prosperity Cleaners Toxic Waste Clean up meeting November 16, 2015

The meeting is approximately 1:26 minutes

Key points of the evening.

1.) Recent testing has revealed toxic
 plume is at least 50% larger than the April 2015 map and info sheet.
2.) Testing for toxic soil vapors has begun and more testing will be done inside of Casa Marinwood. Rains may make testing difficult but they hope to complete by Dec 31, 2015
3.) While the substance is dangerous, it also can be treated effectively.
4.) PCE toxic waste (liquid) generally travels in the downgradient towards the Bay. Soil vapors spread in all directiions where there is permable soil, especially around utility trenches. This is the concern at Casa Marinwood.
5.) The top officials at the RWQCB attended and have pledged speedy resolution to the problem. Marinwood Plaza, LLC must submit a plan by Jan 1, 2016.
6.) Supervisor Damon Connolly has provided wonderful community leadership on this issue and will continue to watch over the process.
7.) Community involvement is key to making this happen.

8.) Of special note, the RWQCB agreed to be available to make corrections to the January 27, 2015 Marin IJ article "Plaza Pollution Analysis: All's Fine ": which inaccurately implied there is no further risk to the community.  The risk is much greater than known at the time and a cause of immediate concern.

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