Friday, November 20, 2015

Forcing Urban Growth with Plan Bay Area. A Citizen Responds.

No one elected Steve Heminger, Executive Director of MTC yet he wants to force urban growth on communities everywhere in the Bay Area and raise taxes and "fees" to fund the vision.  The allusion to Soviet central planning is not an exaggeration..

A Citizen responds to the comments made in the video:

"The communities we want to create": that is exercise of power at the expense of the power of others to choose for themselves the communities they want to create.

"in a more forceful way.": He is asking, how do we planners get more power to impose our will on others.

"minor update".: creates a perceived as reality.

"aggressive gHg targets: translation, need a bigger stick to get more power. We underestimated our lack of effective use of our power. Need more power.

Grants: Can we further craft the conditions (strings) that come with money that was taken by force as taxes to implement our agenda. Purchasing power. How to use this better to get more power.

The government power is in the hands of we the people not Mr. Heminger. He does not appear to understand the rule of law, rather is using the power of the public purse to implement Plan Bay Area.

It's all about power, power, power. Our constitutions and subsequent rule of law is in place to direct and limit this power.

We the people need to go to Sacramento and get these laws changed and absorb MTC and ABAG (all regional agency) into our State executive branch agency districts ("regions") and counties or we are going to lose our State, our country, our form of government and our freedoms protected by that government.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone..

Editors Note: Many planners like John Raime, Director of San Francisco Planning seen in the video want to force suburbs to absorb all of the growth and build high density developments.  These planners and Steve Heminger with their megalomaniac visions of urbanization will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams. They have the power of the purse strings and will inflict harm on anyone in their way.  Democracy be damned.

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