Saturday, November 28, 2015

Are Residency Preferences for Affordable Housing allowed in Marin? HUD responds.

Marin County Fair Housing Forum March 2015

Sara Pratt, Assistant Deputy Secretary of Enforcement for HUD explains why residency preferences will not be allowed if the demographics of the community do not fit the "racial balance" targets for "social equity" This theory of social equity maintains that a zipcode is "racist" and "exclusionary" if the population mix does not match the HUD racial standard. It is also known as "Disparate Impact".

Many Caucasian Housing Advocates are under the mistaken impression that they will qualify for affordable housing based on economic need alone. They do not know that "protected classes" will have a preference.

We think that people should not be judged on the basis of skin color. Need alone should determine who is qualified to live in affordable housing. Geographic preferences also make sense because of our priority of taking care of our neighbors regardless of skin color.

Diversity is a worthy social goal but its outcome should be achieved through the celebration of culture not through government edict. It is demeaning to EVERYONE when people are not allowed free choice to live in communities of their own choosing.


  1. Chasing down the last white neighborhood, chasing down the last white man. No white neighborhoods, no white communities, no white groups, no white people allowed to enjoy their people and their culture. And if you notice this is what is happening, you will be called a racist, and the self loathing whites will claim they just love diversity and don't mind the crime, garbage, and horrible living environment which inevitable follows the arrival of the joys of diversity. And if that wasn't a FACT, there would never have been "white flight", in the first place. And "savemarinwood" claims there is no such thing as color. Funny the communists at HUD think otherwise - don't they?

  2. Although I don't normally publish anonymous racist rants like the above, I am exposing this to demonstrate racism DOES exist. Such ignorant hate filled sentiment is unacceptable but even more so when the poster does not have the courage to identify themselves and own their words. I strongly disagree with ALL racialism, whether it is virulent like the above or the "soft racism of low expectations" as is found in many progressive circles. Let's get one thing straight. We are ALL human beings and the very concept of "race" has been discarded by the scientific community. What we term as "race" is merely a collection of genetic characteristics and speaks nothing to the character of the individual. Race is often used as a stand in for "culture" and is a completely separate concept. Because HUD still uses "race" to define us, we will forever be caught up in "racial politics" instead of solving the issues of equal opportunity and fairness. I despise such sentiments like the above. What if we honored everybody's choices instead? Diversity is wonderful and brings many benefits. Tribalism on the other hand brings conflict. Let's get beyond this.