Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Displacement is Inevitable especially in Priority Development Areas"

For years, politicians have been telling us that Plan Bay Area is a wonderful thing.  "We will build up our communities around "Priority Development Areas" and their will be no displacement of communities.  

We now have full admission by the Metropolitan Transit Commission and staff at ABAG that this is a lie.

Redevelopment of the "101 Transit Corridor for Urbanization" ( recently renamed from the more specific areas from Marin City to Novato) will force the resettlement of hundreds, possibly thousands of families from their established neighborhoods.

Supervisor Steve Kinsey is our ONLY representative on MTC.  He should be fighting for us instead of pushing for an ever stronger regional power.

The life of our community demands it.

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  1. What should happen to traitors? There are many all across the nation. They all deserve our undivided attention.