Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Marinwood residents demand cleanup of dry cleaner chemicals

Marinwood residents demand cleanup of dry cleaner chemicals

The PCE plume that has extended under the freeway and into nearby Silveira Ranch’s ground water shows traces are not present at toxic levels. Erin Lubin — Marin IJ archive

Residents long concerned about chemicals from a former dry-cleaning business at Marinwood Plaza are pushing for immediate cleanup of the area.
As studies continue on the spread and severity of the toxin PCE, or tetrachloroethene, and other related compounds associated with the dry cleaning solvent, residents say they are growing impatient with the lack of action. Contaminants were first reported in the area in 2008 and soil testing recently revealed chemicals have migrated under the freeway to Silveira Ranch.
Residents with the Save Marinwood Now oversight committee are circulating a petition demanding immediate cleanup of the “toxic hotspot” inside the cleaners, and for further testing in neighboring residential areas such as Casa Marinwood.
On Wednesday, four committee members went to Oakland to voice their concerns to the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.
“They need to start doing a (remedial) injection now,” said Bill McNicholas, who spoke at the session. “The way I look at it, it’s like an oil spill, do you take corrective action or find out what caused it and where it’s going? That’s how I look at it. They need to get action going now to stop the spread.”
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PLEASE NOTE THAT STEPHEN HILL OF RWQCB states there is not problem with soil vapor. His own test data shows that it is THREE TIMES the allowable levels for residential locations.  Have you every heard of an Oil Company being allowed FOUR YEARS to "study the problem" of a toxic waste spill? Clean up should commence IMMEDIATELY while further testing is done.

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