Monday, June 22, 2015

Portland Planning Model Breakdown

Poor quality video but interesting discussion about the realities of Portland Smart Growth planning. In particular, Marinites should pay attention to Portland's lot splitting. Marin County is planning to urbanize our suburbs along the 101 highway corridor through a mix of subsidized housing, zoning controls, the urban growth boundary. Single family neighborhoods will be converted to apartments and condominiums. Is this the future you want for Marin?

Portland is usually cited by the advocates of Smart Growth as the model city. Unfortunately, the reality is completely different. This video, The Portland Model Breakdown, is from a session of the American Dream Coalition Conference on Oct 28, 2013. It exposes the myth of transit oriented development (TOD) and discusses the disappearance of large lots because of Smart Growth regulations. John Charles and John Glennon are the speakers. A detailed discuss of the problems of Portland can be found in this Cato Institute article by Randal O'Toole, "Debunking Portland: The City That Doesn't Work"­s/debunking-portland-city-doesnt-work

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