Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Susan Adams Farewell Show at the Board of Supervisors December 16, 2014

A roomful of supporters of Susan Adams sends their fond farewell wishes to Susan Adams who was defeated in a landslide election in June 2014.  The crowd was a who's who of Non Profit, Developers, Union executives and High Density Housing Advocates that formed the core of her base. Few supporters from Marinwood appeared.

Mary Jane Burke, the Marin County Superintendent of Schools sang a tribute to the tune of on the "Twelve Days of Xmas" a song of praise of what Susan Adams "Gave to Us".

 According the, Mary Jane Burke earned $274,765.60 in 2013 in total compensation. I imagine she has much to be grateful for. Her taxpayer supported pension must be worth millions. 

I guess you have to pay the big bucks for top talent. Listen to the song and you be the judge.

If you'd rather not watch either one of the above videos, here is a clip from the Wizard of Oz to entertain you.  

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