Tuesday, December 16, 2014

In 2013 Susan Adams answers "Why do we have 70% of affordable housing concentrated in Marinwood Lucas Valley?"

Here is Susan  Adams spinning her way out of a difficult question from a constituent in Marinwood Lucas Valley,  "Why do we have 70% of affordable housing concentrated in Marinwood Lucas Valley?" .

Listen to her answer.  That housing element passed in 2013 and they rushed to pass a whole new housing element for 2014 that puts 80% of all the affordable housing in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.  The other sites she mentions as alternatives in Strawberry, Santa Venetia, West Marin and Tam Almonte were either eliminated and severely downsized leaving the bulk of housing in just two development in Marinwood-Lucas Valley.   

Little wonder after this and other deceptions, she was defeated in a landslide.   Is representing your constituents all that hard?  Why did she insist on representing developers and special interest groups over her neighbors?     

She made her mark on Marin History.  It is now our duty to regain sanity at the Board of Supervisors and vote in candidates who represent the people.. We have great hope for Damon Connolly who starts on January 6, 2015.


  1. Marinwood currently has NO affordable housing. (Unless you count all of those prop.13 properties) Maybe the time has come for it to gain its fair share.

  2. You need to keep up. We ARE the affordable housing alternative to San Francisco. In fact, Marinwood/Novato is the AFFORDABLE housing of Marin. It is simply pushing the costs of taxpayer subsidized housing (which you call affordable, because we pay the costs) on the weakest political area of the county. Where is MY AFFORDABLE housing in Belevedere? Your term "fair share" is a joke. All of the burdens of this urban development will be paid by a tiny community.