Friday, November 14, 2014

VIDEO: Why Affordable Housing Fails to help the Needy circa 1978

The Above video is from a lecture given by noted economist Milton Friedman to students at Cornell University.  In the late seventies, the large public housing of the 1960s were widely acknowledged to be failures for various reasons Professor Friedman lists.
Up until a few years ago affordable housing has been integrated  with market rate housing.  It has been  determined to be the best approach for both the families living in affordable housing and the landlords to minimize the problems associated with isolated communities of low income people.

Marinwood Lucas  (5.68 square miles) is targeted for 71% of all Affordable Housing in unincorporated Marin with large 100% affordable housing complexes!

We must not only ask ourselves,  "Is this the best we can do for our community?" but also ask "Is this the best we can do for the hundreds of low income families that will live among us?" 

Wouldn't a strategy to integrate low income housing in ALL NEIGHBORHOODS in Marin be better for them?

Have we not learned from the failures of the past?


Join us!


  1. Two excerpts from Bob Silvestri's:

    "For his part, Silvestri said he’s not at all opposed to affordable housing and has even been a developer of such projects in the past. He just wants it done correctly. [Editor's Note: All of Citizen Marin member groups support affordable housing!]"

    "In addition to Citizen Marin, participating organizations include: the North San Raf... ...ciation; Save Marinwood."

    Is the official position of Save Marinwood .org in favor of government subsidized housing either in Marinwood or anywhere else in the USA?

    A simple yes or no response please, anything else will be deemed to be a YES response.

    Thank You,
    Anonymous, on advice of counsel

    1. Why do you presume to deserve a response since you are "Anonymous on advice of counsel"?

      I have not met anyone that is adamently against all affordable housing. People recognize that disabled and destitute need housing.

      The differences between advocates is a matter of degree, the way it is done, land use, the financial details, concentration and need.

      Your welcome,

      Stephen Nestel, on advice of the First Amendment.

      P.S. What point are you trying to make?