Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ACTION ALERT! Submit comments before Friday, October 31st

Fellow Citizen Marin Members and concerned Neighbors:
We need your help.  Plan Bay II is upon us that will further erode our communities and local control.  It is essential that we have as many comments as possible from Marin as possible to send a clear signal, that Marin will object to ABAGs attempt to urbanize Marin.
Plan Bay Area 2017 is on the horizon and that MTC-ABAG are conducting meetings on the Public Participation Plan that will determine the types of meetings that will give input to the next round of the Plan.
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We had many private citizens attend the MTC meeting on Oct 8 where they were asking for our input.  We got a lot of good video that can be viewed at www.youtube.com/sfbaycapr .  The kinds of comments we need to drive home are:
1.       There must be an opt-out option if a city does not want to participate.
2.       NGOs should be identified as organizations who are getting money from MTC-ABAG to support PBA point of view
3.       The Plan does not take in to account any improvements in technology that would make the objectives of the plan moot.
4.       There must be an open debate about all the issues.  The flaws of the plan were not openly discussed.  There was only one debate (in Marin) where opposition positions were aired.
5.       The process of forcing people to sit at tables and limiting their choices which do not include “none of the above” makes the process flawed
6.       Plan carries water for the top 1%, the crony capitalists and NGOs that stand to gain from the money spent on the Plan
7.       Questions developed by Richard Hall from Marin
a.      How will neighborhoods this time around get local representation instead of discovering by surprise that they've been nominated for high density growth? 
b.      How can neighborhoods that don't want high density growth, that may happen to be near transit, opt out? 
c.       How will local residents this time around have the more significant representation that they merit on local land use decisions over and above the voices of minority groups that seek to impose alternate visions on their neighborhoods (but who may live many miles away and be small in number?) 
d.      What will the process be this time around when a comment is made on the plan by a resident?
Public Participation Plan (PPP for Plan Bay Area 2017) MTC Meeting (10-8-14)
Thanks to the intrepid souls who showed up at the MTC sponsored PPP meeting on Oct 8, 2014.  Of the 20+ people making comments only 3 expressed support.  Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, and Marin Counties were represented in the group.  MTC tried to start the meeting with a standard Delphi technique of having people sit at tables and controlling the conversation.  Most refused to sit at the tables and play their game so we were able to force them to change their agenda and take public comments first.   This is one of the many great comments made by citizens
Here are the links to the specific videos:
Zelda Bronstein on lack of debate :  http://youtu.be/tiuo9GE3SHE
Peter Singleton on identifying NGOs  http://youtu.be/gaNLZnqr7SI

Paul Brooks on identifying NGOs:  http://youtu.be/Bp1xLlvd1uQ

Pam Drew-Flawed process:  http://youtu.be/i8fDReJNHtU

Peter Singleton:  Plan Carries Water for the Top 1%:  http://youtu.be/d2usBA62vwQ

Mimi Steel-Technology  http://youtu.be/DPvkJSVp2WM

Berma Teetson-CO2 Capture technology  http://youtu.be/As9uWuetlk8

Margaret Gordon derails the Delphi:  http://youtu.be/NrQj3fH0Zyg

Mimi Steel asks Richard Hall’s questions:  http://youtu.be/QqeFc12u-UM


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