Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Much Better use for Marinwood Plaza that will serve ALL PEOPLE of Marin

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Above is an immersive Google Business View of the Vancouver Indoor Farmer's Market.   It is a food lover's paradise.  Such an awesome market could be built on the site of the former Marinwood Plaza and feature, fresh, locally grown food.  It is a perfect location for this venue as it is on the main route to Napa/Sonoma county wine country and the Cheese trail. The market would serve the local community and provide a permanent venue for local farmers and small businesses.  It would provide jobs and economic stimulus to Marin. 

 The Oxbow Market in Napa is a wonderful place to shop, eat and relax.

In the past I also referenced similar markets in the Bay Area that are successful such as the Oxbow Market in Napa County. See the article HERE.  See the Lancaster Market the nation's oldest indoor farmer's market  HERE

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