Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Congressman Jared Huffman's Transportation Summit on June 30, 2014

Be certain to check out Steve's Kinseys plan for punative taxes on travel by automobile. He offers that taxes may be raised through vehicle miles travelled tax,  increased bridge tolls, congestion pricing, paid HOV lanes and more.  He alluded to opening the third lane on the Richmond Bridge for "people moving" but did not say cars. We assume he wants to use it either as a bike path or connect the SMART train to Bart in Richmond to open up Marin for urbanization.   He must be having fun from his remote West Marin hamlet of Forest Knolls where he knows that urban growth will never reach him.

Steve Kinsey left the meeting early so he did not field any questions from the public.  Does he EVER answer questions to the public?

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