Thursday, July 17, 2014

An example of "Smart Growth" style high density buildings coming to Marin if the Board of Supervisors and ABAG wins.

This is the kind of ugly "WinCup" style projects that are being built in Portland, OR. This is the kind of  "Smart Growth" development that the Board of Supervisors wants us to have along the 101 corridor in Marin. I don't think you couldn't get uglier development. Look how dense these projects are despite the fact, that Portland has plenty of space.  I am sure the "Smart" planners are pleased with their "vibrant, sustainable" community in Portland. Want to bet these are run down in twenty years? 

Who would prefer to live here over a small cottage with a garden in your town?  Not me.

Steve Kinsey, Supervisor is also the President of MTC which is responsible for Plan Bay Area.

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