Sunday, June 1, 2014

Marinwood Village Project Takes it's Toll on Careers. Who's Next?

The Marinwood Village affordable housing project has taken it's toll on careers and political ambitions over the years.  The site, located on an ancient Miwok Village settlement has been plagued with toxic waste allegedly from Prosperity Cleaners, high levels of benzene gas, radiation from microwave transmission towers,  and developers losing millions from ill conceived plans.

Bruce Anderson, Marinwood CSD Director
ousted in landslide election in November 2013
Lisa Brady, Marinwood Village Project Manager left
Bridge Housing suddenly after the Toxic Waste hearing in February 2014.
Leah Green, Marinwood CSD Director
ousted in landslide election in November 2013

Rick Fraites, longtime aide to Susan Adams
suddenly retires in 2014

Stacey Laumann, Marin County Planning Manager
left the county for greener pastures in 2013 .

Jerry Hoytt, Owner and Developer 
of Marinwood Plaza 1924-2012

Brad Wiblan, VP Bridge Housing hopes to build a 50 million dollar apartment complex on Marinwood Plaza
that pay less than $6500 taxes annually for schools, roads, police and fire.
According to his estimate, it will bring 160 students into the school system at a
cost of $1.5 million dollars annually. yet pay no additional school fees  

 Susan Adams hopes to be re-elected as Supervisor in June 2014  
Cows not Condos!

We will Save Marin (again)

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