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Alliance Marin needs You!

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The MCA Legal Challenge is the BEST CHANCE we have
to control high-density and overdevelopment in Marin

Help Preserve Marin’s Character
Protect our Environmental Review Process
The Marin Community Alliance (MCA), a grassroots organization, filed a legal challenge to the Marin County Housing Element approved by the County in 2013.

 MCA believes Marin County Deserves Better
This legal challenge was filed on behalf of all Marin County residents whose largely-ignored comments and concerns about the environmental review process were not properly considered in the final resolution decision - the abbreviated review that the County conducted, its reliance on substantially outdated documents, & failure to address the potentially significant environmental impacts.

The many Marin residents that voiced valid concerns and disagreement with many aspects of the Housing Element now have the opportunity to have these matters of record reviewed, legitimately considered, and appropriate remedies sought, so that a final Housing Element and plan can be properly evaluated.

Say NO to Housing Policies not in sync with Marin’s 
 character and support a balanced approach to development

Donate on-line at - By mail to P.O. Box 6553
 San Rafael, CA 94903-0553 – Contact us at email:

Who is Marin Community Alliance:  MCA?
MCA is a grassroots organization of concerned county residents, formed to challenge the Housing Element (Plan) adopted by Marin County Board of Supervisors on September 24 last year.

What is the MCA lawsuit?
The MCA lawsuit is a CEQA legal challenge based on the very well-documented, significant factual errors in the county’s approval process that substantially short-circuited State CEQA requirements.  Serious objections to the Plan were voiced by hundreds of residents and multiple communities throughout Marin during Public Hearings, but they were unfortunately ignored and the Plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors in its deficient, flawed form.

What is CEQA?
The California Environmental Quality Act, was created to help communities assess environmental impacts, and avoid or reduce damage and foreseeable indirect change to such things as transportation, land, water, public services, housing, infrastructure and other resources.  Lawsuits invoking CEQA must be filed within 30 days of a decision. The MCA met the deadline and it is the only viable avenue of redress for Marin residents. Your support now is very important to bring an end to the flawed Plan.

I live in a city in Marin/I’m not in a PDA so does this County issue concern me?
Yes!  Unincorporated Marin County was given housing (RHNA) numbers just the same as our Marin cities were; transferring the housing burden to the 101 corridor, just as the cities did.  This will add to the number of new developments we will all painfully experience along the 101 Corridor, disregarding traffic, sea-level rise, and county water supply impacts. The state, cities and county NEVER considered the combined cumulative impact of these decisions on all of us. This clearly violates CEQA.

What are some of the good outcomes we could all gain if the lawsuit succeeds?
The successful conclusion to MCA’s legal challenge will ensure for all in Marin that the financial and environmental impacts of any site-selection process, anywhere in the county, will be distributed in a fair and balanced way — honoring and in alignment with the County's greater interests, for all future housing-related development and transportation planning approvals going forward. This likely means no more WinCup-like projects built in inappropriate locations, and true respect for the local communities’ character and residents.

Aren’t we in a drought? Where is the water for all this new development going to come from?
Good question! CEQA “streamlining” as presented by the state and county ignores the fact that we have limited water, parking, road capacity- every resource. Developers shouldn’t just leave and take their profit, leaving local communities to inherit ongoing and higher future burdens on essentials like water supply, traffic and infrastructure, all of which results in higher costs and other, added stresses to people and businesses.

How can we support the MCA legal challenge to ensure we have GOOD county policies for Marin?
The MCA lawsuit is our best, first, and ONLY way to put a direct stop to the planned high-density huge growth being pushed onto our county. This suit requires the county to follow its own rules to use current and accurate data, and credibly assess financial and environmental impacts on proposed developments and any site-selection process before approving it.  The MCA needs and appreciates your voluntary donation to help fund the legal costs required for this important challenge!  Together, we can achieve a Better Future!

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