Saturday, May 31, 2014

My Letter to the Larkspur Planning Commission

Dear "Steward of Larkspur and Marin's future ":

The Larkspur Station Area Plan EIR must consider the cumulative impacts of increase traffic pollution and congestion throughout Marin and most especially along the 101 corridor who will be severely impacted.

As you know, Sonoma is planning for an additional 24,000 housing units in Plan Bay Area.  Marin is planning for at least 4400 units in it's latest RHNA allocations not including private development which could mean many more thousand housing units.

In short, Marin is targeted for urbanization with a suburban infrastructure.   If Larkspur is allowed to develop it's behemoth development, the 101 freeway must be expanded, infrastructure such as schools, water and sewer will need to be expanded and St Francis/101 freeway interchange must be redesigned. 

No plans should go forward until a complete  plan for infrastructure is considered and built.  To approve the Larkspur Station Area plan without proper planning, is not only irresponsible, it borders on the criminally negligent.  Future generations will have to pay for our folly.  Do not become the government official to destroy the legacy of Marin.

I wholly endorse many more points  made in the letters written by Edward Yates, attorney for Community Venture Partners and Bob Silvestri which you have received.

I respectful request that Larkspur "go back to the drawing board" and design a new plan with the principles of sustainability,  community values and limitation of infrastructure capacity are considered.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen Nestel

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