Thursday, April 17, 2014

Damon Connolly and Susan Adams debate Marinwood Housing, Dixie Schools and the future of our neighborhood

Marin County Supervisor Debate on April 16, 2014 sponsored by the North San Rafael Coalition of Residents.  Incumbent supervisor, Susan Adams debates San Rafael Vice Mayor and former Dixie school board president, Damon Connolly for the race for District One Supervisor. They discussed affordable housing, Dixie school district, transparency in government, Marinwood-Lucas Valley and public involvement in the planning process. 

Be sure to vote in this important election for the future of Marin.

Will we have a high density, urbanized Marin as advocated by ABAG and Susan Adams or will we grow in the Marin way, organically with considerations of scale, density and infrastructure needs advocated by Damon Connolly?

The election is June 3rd. Mail ballots go out on May 5th.

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