Saturday, March 1, 2014

Now Marin Board of Supervisors are considering going into the Medical Marijuana Business

Have you seen my medicine?

Editorial Update 2/27/2014: Marin Board of Supervisors considering going into the Medical Marijuana Business HERE.

The Marin IJ reported on May 20, 2013, that the Grand Jury recommends the sale of Medical Marijuana in Unincorporated Marin which includes Marinwood Lucas Valley.  Maybe Marinwood Village will have it's own dispensary.
In May 2012, The Board of Supervisors unanimously banned cigarette smoking in apartments in Unincorporated Marin including all of Marinwood -Lucas Valley. 

Supervisor Susan Adams, a maternity nurse, noted the law and associated legislation cracking down on vendors who sell tobacco to minors was "another tool in the toolbag to help us create healthy communities."

Marinwood Village to allow Medical Pot use 
by Law

The county law, called the "Marin County Smoke Free Air and Health Protection" ordinance, does not apply to smoking other plant or herbal matter, including marijuana. Approval of the tobacco law was delayed for several months because an initial version also applied to herbs including marijuana, confusing a definition of tobacco and raising legal flags.

See the full article here: Marin County Bans Tobacco but Allows Pot

Or just maybe a pot dispensary will go into one of
the vacant commercial spaces in Marinwood Village?

Perhaps our Supervisor Susan Adams has a comment. She has served on a committee to study legal use and implementation

[Editor's Note: The County Housing element which will place 71% of all affordable housing for unincorporated Marin in Marinwood-Lucas Valley. It is important to consider how these high density developments will affect quality of life.  We can't resist the cheap shot to point out how the topsy turvy logic of the County Supervisors cannot be underestimated.  To be fair, it should be noted that medical marijauna use is allowed under certain California legal restrictions everywhere.]

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