Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marinwood Village Environmental Review Scoping Session

On Saturday, March 29, 2014 the Marin County Community Development Planning department conducted an Environmental Review scoping session of the Marinwood Village project. The meeting purpose was to solicit issues of concern that will become part of the scope of the project.

Residents want studies on traffic, pollution from the highway, THOROUGH remediation of the soil from the toxic waste spill from the dry cleaners, water drainage studies, effects on schools,  cumulative impacts from the eight proposed affordable housing sites (including 150 from neighboring Oakview).  Housing activists wanted studies comparing environmental costs of building 82 single family homes elsewhere or spread throughout Marin.  A group of supporters calling themselves "Friends of Marinwood Village" led by Supervisor Susan Adams had all of their comments at the beginning of the meeting. They came from all over Marin and gave speeches on why the community should support the project despite the instructions from the facilitator that comments should be narrowed to the scope of the EIR.

The first half hour of this presentation is opening remarks and an overview of the project. The next half hour or so is remarks from the supporters of Susan Adams an Marinwood Village.  The final hour is where you will hear substantive concerns about the Marinwood Village project and scoping remarks from the community.

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