Monday, November 4, 2013

Another reason not to vote for incumbent Marinwood CSD directors-Double Standards....

None of the CSD Directors were willing to help promote the Marinwood CSD Candidate's night on September 17, 2013.  It could have been provided at no cost through email and posting on signboards used for community events. The request was ignored. The candidates were forced to pay for the rental of their own "community" center.

 Later, when incumbent Bruce Anderson slipped behind in the race, he insisted on a debate one week prior to the election. The Marinwood CSD found that they could provide the room for FREE and help promote it. Unfortunately, only Bruce Anderson was available on the nights available and the debate did not occur. It is yet another example of the double standard by the Marinwood CSD Board of Directors.

It is time for change.

Vote for Bill Shea, Deana Dearborn and Justin Kai.

Double Standards for CSD Directors?

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