Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why aren't you talking about the real Billionaire behind Affordable Housing in the Bay Area?

Penny Pritzer, Secretary of  Commerce

Editor's Note:  
I received this email this morning from a good friend in response to the Donald Trump story.  Least you think this affordable housing thing is all about "working families", check out the links and see the real stories of  money and power 

Why aren't you talking about the Pritzker's instead of Trump on SaveMarinwood.org? This is much more apropo! I don't know if there's any connection between Trump and Plan Bay Area, but there's a really direct Marin connection to the Pritzkers and high density housing in the Bay Area:

- the Pritzker foundation is one of Steve Kinsey's largest donors

- the Pritzker family is the poster child for sprawl in Nicasio/West Marin, Steve's district where they have built a complex of Macmansions

- Penny Pritzker is a Chicago building billionairess (just made US Secretary of Commerce!) with a joint venture to specifically develop multi-family high density housing

to whom will the spoils go when Plan Bay Area is enacted and development opportunities arise?

- Penny Pritzker's bank lost account holders $40m and taxpayers $155m to bail her out (even though she's a billionaire)


  1. Everyone is so quick to blame republicans when in fact all roads, and I mean all roads heaad right back to the white house and the radical liberal machine.

    This is happening all over the country too, it is not just Marin.

    Trump is actually having to work 10x harder to keep his wealth meanwhile the radical liberal machine is having to do nothing to make trillions. It is scary to think that trillions of dollars are going into the machine to dictate us. Just look at how EVERYTHING these days is jammed down our throat, privacy tossed out the window, constitution completely ignored, etc, etc. Our freedom is just about gone.

    Hey, but this is why people voted for Obama so maybe they prefer big gov't controlling every part of their life even if it means you completely lose your freedom and money of course.

  2. I think there is plenty of blame to go around. Our current situation has been happening under both political parties. Governor Schwartzenegger signed sb375 that brought us the One Bay Area Plan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush II also had a prominent role advanced the current laws. (That is we are in "none of the above" political party). We understand people are passionate about their own political party. At the local level, party politics are irrelevent and get in the way of fixing problems.