Saturday, June 8, 2013

Is Supervisor Adams misleading the public about the Marinwood Priority Area ?

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More Proof that the Marinwood Priority Development Area is 100-500 acres larger than Marinwood Plaza

At the June 4, 2013, Board of Supervisors Meeting,  Supervisor Susan Adams expressed "shock" that a map of the Marinwood Priority Development Area included greater area than just Marinwood Plaza.  

Perhaps she forgot the description of the 101 Corridor Priority Development Area (PDA) is all land within 1/2 mile of the 101 Freeway.   She brought the motion for its creation on August 7, 2007. (see video below). We are termed a "Transit Neighborhood" and homes will be 20 to 50 units per acre.  Plan Bay Area wants 80% of all growth to occur within PDAs.

The following document states the minimum criteria for a PDA is 100 acres:

The 2012 Priority Development Area criteria

The tiny city of Benecia is another "transit neighborhood".  They will need a minimum of 982 housing units but are hampered by the 40 foot height limits in their zoning.   Check out this article in the Benecia Herald: Benecia struggles with a PDA designation

For a complete description of Transit Neighborhoods and the One Bay Area vision this document says it all.

PDA Station Area Planning Manual from MTC

We are not getting the truth!

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