Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Choosing the Future WE want May 9, 2013

Forum produced by leading advocates for the Urbanization of Marin of May 9, 2013
Many people want information about Plan Bay Area and the May 9 meeting at Dominican... so here it is, on YouTube. Here are some spots you may find interesting from the panelists when they are answering written Q and A from the audience: remember they are not scripted during Q and A, so you will find some interesting comments from them...

The Q and A written comments and panel answers begin at : 1:02:14

Here is what I found interesting in the written Q and A and panel answers:

At 1:11:00: There is no water for the plan; not enough water for projected growth- a major flaw in the plan ( Marge Macris : Co-Chair Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative)

At 1:12:06 : The question about Housing/PDAs/ School Funding is addressed by Fair Housing Analyst ( $1200/day consultant to the Marin Community Development Agency) Chantel Walker: Chantel states: "in many school districts... revenue from property taxes exceed what state contributions would be.... she then goes on to say, "there are significant reserves and no scarcity of public education." She also mentions the state and philanthropy make up much of the needed funds for public schools.
At 1:32:06: Michele Rodriguez, when commenting on the problematic public transportation issue, also comments on the reality of low income housing and how many families frequently live in one 2 bedroom unit: "...In the Canal, a $1600/month 2 bedroom apartment frequently has 3 full families living in it: one in each bedroom and one in the living room... so multiple children."

Also: Be sure to watch the public speeches at the microphone starting at 1:32:06 . They are very good...

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