Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Supervisor Susan Adams has some " 'splaining to do"

Supervisor Susan Adams, District One in Campain Photo
Editors Note: We recently asked Supervisor Adams in March 2013 to provide information about the Marinwood Priority Area in her upcoming Town Hall explaining the planned widening of Miller Creek Rd and Caltrans project.  She refused and instead suggested that it wasn't approved.  This begs the question of why the apparent unnecessary widening of Miller Creek Rd.  Is this a pre condition for the approval of the Marinwood Priority Development Area ? Many people do not know that Las Gallinas and Miller Creek was originally designed as commercial boulevards but economic conditions caused Hoytt to build them as residential. 

It is time to reveal the development plan for Marinwood Priority Development Area for Urbanization.

 We think the residents deserve some answers about this six year old plan.

Check out this link Plans for Marinwood PDA in 2007

From page three we learn:

In 2007,  Marinwood was identified as a Priority Development Area (all land between Las Gallinas and the 101 Freeway) for intensive urban development which will have " high levels of Affordable Housing (at least 50%)" and intensive developments of  a MINIMUM 25 units per acre (or 3 times the density of housing units currently). 

Marinwood was nominated a PDA BEFORE Supervisor Adam's last election where she spent over $150,000 in campaign mailers to defeat Kerry Mazzoni.

The Marinwood Priority Develpment area is essentially a plan for "suburban renewal" to rebuild Marinwood.  It is part of a drastic experiment in "Smart Growth" which will be the first of it's kind in Marin and will permanently change our 60 year old Marinwood suburb to a crowded "Transit Village".  There is a high probability that your street will be rezoned for apartment buildings.

Only a few political insiders knew this was happening.  The Marinwood Priority Development Area was curiously not mentioned in her frequent political mailers slamming Kerry Mazzoni.


If it is such a great thing for our community, why wouldn't she want to boast of her "achievement"?

Could it prove embarassing and unpopular?  Shouldn't we expect our politicians to consult the public on changes of this magnitude?

Now they claim "the community" decided they wanted this development in 2007.  Did anyone know that  new affordable housing (50% of all growth) will pay no taxes and need to be supported by the remaining residents?

Does Supervisor Adams know that 43% of the residents have moved here since 2007?

Why is Marinwood-Lucas Valley planned to host 71% of all affordable housing in Unincorporated Marin? Why will we have 83% of extremely low to low income residents here? Why is the rest of NIMBY marin, dumping their housing here?

We need real answers.

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