Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do low income developments have more crime?

Do low income developments have more Crime?
Often times, you will hear advocates claim that"non profit workforce housing" (i.e. government assistance housing) does not have proportionally higher crime.

Is this true?

Here is a way to check.  Go to www.Crimereports.com and plug in the address of the neighborhood that has affordable housing like Hamilton and compare it with Marinwood-Lucas Valley crime.  It will give you a good idea.

You can also go to Marin Housing Authority for property addresses and Bridge Housing (www.bridgehousing.com) , proposed developer of  Marinwood Plaza for more information.  When comparing properties be certain to notice the units size, income  and resident qualification.  You can draw your own conclusions.

What ever your opinion about the coming housing, I hope you'll engage your friends and neighbors in this important topic.


  1. This mentality is twisted. This reporter shows how fear isolates us. There are families who are low income for awhile. It is not a lifetime. We should help our neighbors move from this classification to a new one. As long as "communities" fight allowing those who are temporarily not rich live nearby, we are all lessened.

  2. Did you go to www.crimereports.com? It clearly shows the crime rates in Hamilton and Marinwood. The contrast is stark. Check it out for yourself. If we have all of the planned affordable housing built in Marinwood, we will have more affordable housing than Hamilton. The increase of 20-30% of population will clearly increase the amount of crime, pollution and other urban problems.