Sunday, March 10, 2013

VIDEO: Planning Commission 2/11/2013 on Housing Element for Unincorporated Marin

Editor's Note:  It is actually worse than this report from last year. In this year's housing element, the Planning commission is recommending 60% of all affordable housing in Marinwood-Lucas Valley. Also, it has been discovered that San Rafael placed 700 units on our border.  All told an estimated 1500 units of housing in non profit housing that PAY NO TAXES. All will be inside the Dixie School District. Our population may double or triple if all of these units are built to plan.
The above video is a portion of the February, 11, 2013 Marin County planning commission on the Housing Element for Unincorporated Marin.  The majority of speakers are from Marinwood-Lucas Valley. They question the concentration of housing in our community but accept limited and proportional affordable housing that is financially and environmentally responsible.
Despite the small size of our 5.78 square mile jurisdiction we are assigned with 71% of all affordable housing in unincorporated Marin.  We only represent 2 % of the population of Marin.
Planners,  Supervisor Adams, Planning Commission and even Ken Kirkey, director of ABAG recognize the extreme concentration of housing in our neighborhood.
Non-profit affordable housing pays almost no taxes.  Our Dixie Schools are at capacity and the addition of 60-240 children for Marinwood Village (1000-2000 if all housing is built) is unsustainable for the local community.  It will mean we will either suffer a catastrophic loss of school funds, have dramaticly higher taxes or some school children will only be able to attend by lottery. 
The above video is only the portion of the public testimony.  The full video can be found : here 
Our community needs you to stand up and be heard.  Whatever you feelings on housing, our community is at an important moment that will shape our community for decades to come.  Please plan to attend public meetings to voice your opinion.
Your community needs you to create our future and protect Marinwood-Lucas Valley

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