Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Bay Area and Board of Supervisor's are planning massive growth for Marinwood/Lucas Valley

Editor's note: This came to us from an East Bay group called Bay Area Liberty

Could DESTROY The Character of Your Town
(the purpose of RHNA is 175% income redistribution, see MTC quote below in
“Why RNA?” paragraph)

No One Bay Area
Dictate Housing Numbers**!!
Cities must object by September 10

(officially by Sept 18 but ABAG told us they would probably ignore comments after Sept 10)
 How could these numbers destroy the character of your town?
1.  There is no funding for schools and other services. Local taxpayers will have to bear that burden
(Pleasanton braces for 3X student population-view video here)
 2.  Numbers REQUIRE a ‘fair share” of low income, very low income people in stack and pack housing near transit.  How will that affect the character of your town?
Things You Can Do
Tell your city council to send letter to ABAG protesting the allocation.
Hold a Townhall Meeting to Educate your neighbors 
 Start a petition in your town and send a citizens petition directly to ABAG.
**Bureaucrats in Sacramento at the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) have dictated to each region in the State how much housing they must accomodate.
MTC-ABAG took this number and used a computer model that compared housing value, household income, and school scores to determine the
that each community must take
(failure to comply means loss of road repair funds)
The Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) Methodology specifies how all cities and counties in the Bay Area work to provide a fair share or proportion of the region s total and affordable housing need, which is a core requirement of the Housing Element Law.
“ (One Bay Area)…..adopts a Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) methodology …known as the “175 percent income redistribution”. .. The Complete Community framework, along with the affordable housing strategy of RHNA, is the primary method by which social equity is built into the land use scenarios.”…. Proposed Alternatives Letter  to the One Bay Area Plan dated June 16, 2011 , Steve Heminger, Exec Director, MTC

(numbers are listed by income group, each city MUST take it’s share of very low, low, moderate and above moderate income families, there is a column for each in the document and then a column with the total number the city must accomodate)
Cities that have pushed back have had their allocation reduced. 
You CAN make a difference

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