Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Marinwood Priority Development Area may permanently and drastically change our community

There will be millions of dollars of incentives to build apartments in the Marinwood Priority Development Area

I have been trying to understand exactly what the Marinwood Priority Development Area (PDA) is going to mean for Marinwood.  Currently, we have the map published and it encompasses all land east of Las Gallinas.  Below is how the Association of Bay Area Government describes our community.  At one meeting a housing advocate (who lives in San Anselmo) demanded that "all land within 1/2 mile of 101 highway be changed to multifamily housing at 30 units an acre or more".  This is equivalent to many downtown areas of San Francisco and Oakland.

There are only five "Priority Development Areas" ,  three are in San Rafael -downtown San Rafael,  Civic Center Station (near Marin Civic Center and Northgate Mall) and Marinwood.  There are NO PDAs in Sausalito, Mill Valley, Tiburon, Corte Madera, Novato, etc.   Why is this so?  Why are we the "lucky ones"?  What did these other politically active communities know that we don't know.  Why didn't they fight for a Priority Development Area status? 

Although we only comprise 2% of Marin's population,  we will have 83% of all low income housing for unincorporated Marin.   Did anyone tell you about this "decision" that has been made for us?

Is this the future we want for Marinwood?  Why haven't the planners, politicial insiders and developers been talking with us?  Do they take us for sheep?

From One Bay Area Priority Development Narratives report page 27:

TRANSIT NEIGHBORHOOD Marin County - Marin County Unincorporated 101 Corridor The highly urbanized and commercial 101 Corridor Priority Development Area is transforming into a mixed-use, sustainable corridor with connections to transportation hubs and recreational opportunities. The corridor includes Marin County land within a half mile of US Highway 101. When complete, this area will provide a mix of housing, offer a range of jobs, focus intensive developments in nodes, enhance existing commercial and industrial areas, and expand workforce housing. The corridor is served by a variety of transit services including Golden Gate Transit regional connections and local bus service, and local shuttles. Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) service is also planned for the area, with a connection linking to the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. Both commercial and residential development are encouraged on commercially zoned sites, which will generate fewer commercial vehicle trips and allow residents to live close to jobs. Affordable housing is also encouraged; the county grant and loan funds support high levels of affordable housing development and related infrastructure. Transforming the commercial corridor is projected to increase pedestrian connections as well. 

see the complete repor Priority Development Narratives Report 

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