Monday, October 22, 2012

Building or Adding to your house in Marin? Affordable Housing fees take a big bite out of your budget

Even a small addition may cost you big "affordable housing " fees

Considering expanding your house or building a new one?  Be prepared for large Affordable Housing fees to be paid BEFORE your building permit is issued. 

Of course, if you are a government affordable housing developer, these fees are waived 

Affordable housing developers build the units,  sell the tax credits, secure tenants with government guaranteed rent payments.  They make nothing but money.

We taxpayers are stuck with the paying the improvements for new schools, police, fire, sewer and water upgrades. We pay twice.  Once for an "affordable housing fee" to improve our private property and Second, for all of the community improvements affordable housing requires.

Does this sound like "Fair" housing to you?

For More see: Marin County Affordable Housing Impact Fees.

Find out more about the 2012 Housing Element.  Talk with your neighbors.  Learn about the Marinwood Priority Development Area. Write the IJ and local politicians. Sign our petition. Vote.

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