Friday, May 27, 2022

Punishing Loud "Mariachi Music" in Marinwood with a total ban on room rentals by "outsiders"

Note: This was filmed at a Parks and Recreation meeting held on June 26, 2018 in Marinwood Park.
Although several of the individuals expressed intolerance for Latino culture, it should not be conflated with racism. Everyone has the right to have an opinion on music. Loud music should be controlled 
by an objective community standard regardless of the type of music and the attendees.

Unfortunately, a few months after this meeting occurred, a crime occurred at party held at the community center. The guests were mainly Latino from outside our community.  Marinwood Community Center has been a very popular location for Latino celebrations, birthday parties, weddings and quinceaneras.

Marinwood CSD hires a building attendant for these events who is employed to maintain acceptable
sound levels, and ensure the basic rules are followed.  It appears that they were not doing their job well since complaints and crimes occurred anyway.

After an armed attempted rape 0n April 7, 2019, the Marinwood CSD quietly BANNED rentals to "outsiders" instead of improving security.  This put a complete halt to rentals by the Latino community and deprived us from rental income. The policy did not receive full legal scrutiny and COVID cancelled all events until late 2021. The policy to ban outsiders remains as of this writing.

Meanwhile, loud music and drinking continues in Marinwood with the Art and Wine festival and other events. These events bring a different demographic into our parks.

While the remarks by some on the board are completely inappropriate and ignorant, the RACISM was with the total ban on rentals to outsiders that targets  the Latino community for unequal treatment. The real issue is sound levels, security, and insufficient CSD staff oversight.   The policy is an excellent example of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM by Marinwood CSD.

Marinwood Community Services District is not a private club.  We must adhere to legal standards and treat all of our guests with dignity.  We are a PUBLIC GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY.

The real problem with Marinwood CSD is illustrated in this short clip. CSD politicians exercise their personal bias without regard to prevailing law or ethical standards.  CSD staff seem very willing to appease them instead of articulating the democratic principle of equal access for all .  

Fortunately, there is a new majority on the CSD Board. They have a fresh vision for our community and I believe they will abide by both the rule of law and the values of inclusiveness if they hear from you.

Two of the commissioners that still serve on the CSD Board and Parks Commission should consider resignation to allow us to have a fresh start.  At least Isabela Perry, injected common sense when she called for an objective standard but she is no longer on the CSD board.

Neighborhoods need healthy acceptance of "outsiders" to grow.  An inside "club" should not be allowed to quietly exclude outsiders.

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