Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Marinwood CSD 5/11/2021 Marinwood CSD approves MOST EXPENSIVE MAINTENANCE SHED in Marin County history!

This is a long meeting on 5/11/2021 but demonstrates how the Marinwood CSD is wasting millions of dollars on the Marinwood Maintenance Shed and the future financial health of our district.  Citizens concerns were never addressed and the board ignored all practical problems with parking, loading materials and sensitive habitat. . Instead they hired a former CSD Board member as architect behind a closed door.  It is an egregious abuse of power and community trust. Numerous ethics and possibly political corruption laws were violated.    The original project was estimated to cost $100k utilizing standard designs commonly found in virtually every other park in Marin County.  The Marinwood CSD gave the architect a blank check to pursue his creative vision.  New board members were intimidated in approving the project by claims of "looming cost increases"  and never addressing practical alternatives.  Several former Marinwood CSD board members and their friends in the community will directly profit from THE MOST EXPENSIVE CAPITAL PROJECT in the last twenty years.  Our local democracy is virtually non existent.  Citizens must demand accountability and if laws were broken, those responsible should be held accountable.  

The history of this project and the board meetings are on fully documented on videotape.  Remember, what just happened the next time when the board seeks a new tax or bond for "budget shortfalls".

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