Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Marinwood CSD faces a $2 Million dollar LOSS in Revenue in 2020

Jeff Naylor's "happy talk" is too little too late.  The Marinwood CSD only increased disinfection routine AFTER a public complaint to the Marin County Health Department.  It took them TWO WEEKS to lock up the filthy public restrooms and empty trash bins daily.  The Marinwood Fire Department however, was up to task immediately under the leadership of San Rafael Fire Department.

Marinwood CSD faces a $2 Million dollar LOSS in Revenue in 2020

As most people know, all schools in Marin County will be closed for the rest of the school year as a result of COVID 19.   As a result it is absurd to think that Marinwood CSD programs will "return to normal" in June as suggested by Jeff Naylor, Marinwood CSD board president on April 3, 2020.

At the March 10, 20120 meeting, the public was met with the typical arrogance of the CSD Board when we implored them to take immediate action in preparing contingency plans for our budget in the face of a global pandemic.  They told us "wait and see"

In this letter from several days ago, Jeff Naylor Marinwood CSD president and Eric Dreikosen, CSD Manager  is still taking a "wait and see" approach as if magically everything will return to normal and suddenly in a few weeks, we will return to normal life.  

Despite the sudden prospect of losing all of our recreation revenue for Summer 2020, no actions have been taken to preserve our financial reserves and to take financial precautions immediately.   Several weeks ago I suggested that we eliminate our 2020 pool season and mothball the Summer camp programs.  This will be difficult but completely a rational business decision in light of the current reality.  If circumstances change, we can create a partial camp and swim season.   

This has not been done, however, and CSD has a full load of employees who's only 
role is to provide support for our summer recreation season. Despite the opportunity to create alternative recreational programs, there is no evidence they are doing anything during the shutdown excepting "waiting and seeing".

On top of all of this Dreikosen and the CSD announced they are continuing to fund Bill Hansell's  White Elephant Maintenance Shed which will may be the most expensive project in Marinwood CSD history.  Hansell was hired to do the entire project for $13.800 but the project has only gotten to the blueprint stage for FIVE TIMES THE COST.  It is very expensive because the architect is insisting on customized features unheard of for a landscaping shed.  

The Marinwood CSD  is destined to be driven into bankruptcy and dissolution if competent leadership is not found soon.  The Marinwood CSD is "waiting and seeing" in the time of extreme financial crisis. Both the Marinwood CSD board and staff are to blame.

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