Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Public Comments on the Dixie Name Change for April 2019

This is a fascinating document of the public debate on the Dixie School name change debate.  It really gives you a flavor of the debate on both sides.  It should be noted that the real issue was if the name "Dixie" is racist.  None of my neighbors have any association with the South or the Confederacy but simply associate it with education excellence.  After looking at the issue, I have concluded that it was an offensive to name the district "Dixie" in the midst of the Civil War in 1863 and we should find a new name for the future.  At no point do I think the "We are Dixie" group were racists and have been disappointed that the "Change the Name" people used bullying, intimidation and hyperbole to destroy the reputation of our community.
The only time a Confederate Flag was flown in Marinwood is when Noah Griffin posed for this photo to send out to the news media.

Marnie Glickman, could at one point be credited for raising the issue but ultimately condemned for allowing scorched earth tactics to effect change.  Even after the issue was settled, she sought more media attention in the UK Guardian by trumpeting her "victory".

We lost an important opportunity to learn about Marin County history from the Miwoks until the present day.  We will heal and I hope this episode does not discourage minorities from choosing our wonderful community in fear that we are still a "Confederate outpost".

Time will heal.

Noah Griffin (left) is seen in his "Straight Outta Tiburon" tee shirt.  Griffin is a wealthy political consultant who once worked for Speaker Nancy Pelosi  has extensive media ties.  The core strategy of the "Change the Name" people was to cast our community as racists in the international press until we succumbed to outside pressure. 
It worked but divided the community. 

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