Friday, December 21, 2018

"We are not throwing (Jeff Naylor) under the bus"

Jeff Naylor CSD Board member is passed over for consideration as Marinwood CSD board president.  Leah Green - “We are not throwing him under the bus.”  Naylor has served on the Marinwood Fire Commission for many years. In his new role on the Marinwood CSD, he has missed at least five meetings in 2018 yet still found time to meet privately with CSD Manager, Eric Dreikosen to discuss the Marinwood Maintenance Facility.  His regular violations of the Brown Act and lack of  transparency of Marinwood business practices is subject of citizen complaints and is under review.  Naylor famously dismissed 200 residents who called for a public meeting to discuss the Maintenance Facility as ignorant. 

This was not one of Jeff Naylor's finer moments in 2018

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