Monday, November 20, 2017

Marinwood CSD approves $77k plus "Martha Stewart" Fire Kitchen makeover- November 2017

The Fire Department wins approval of the "Martha Stewart" Kitchen makeover featuring luxury appliances like a $4500 Viking stove, custom cabinetry.  Lea Kleinman-Green argues that to "determine price" we must approve the $77,000 makeover and then deal with the contractor adjustments after the fact. The rest of the Marinwood CSD board eventually agrees unanimously.  Only months before the CSD REFUSED a generous $25,000 gift for less fancy kitchen by falsely claiming it was ILLEGAL to take the contribution.  The winning contractors have ties to people in the community.    The TAXPAYERS ARE BEING SCREWED.  In other business, the CSD is considering reorganization of the fire department in secret meetings.  The Marinwood CSD agree to this outrageous abuse of taxpayers like blind sheep.

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