Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Damon Connolly honors Ray Day

Adjourn in memory of Ray Day - August 8, 2017 I would like to adjourn today’s meeting in memory and honor of Raymond Francis Day who passed away on August 1, 2017. Ray was a longtime resident of Marinwood with his wife Vickie, who is here today. Thank you, Vickie. He was very active in affairs that affected the Marinwood community and often attended Board meetings to speak on those issues. Most recently he was instrumental in community efforts to secure cleanup of the contamination left behind by a former drycleaners at Marinwood Plaza. His dogged pursuit of information helped secure favorable rulings from the Regional Water Quality Control Board towards the cleanup. His efforts will now help with our ability to move forward in planning for the future of that site. It is significant that the Marinwood neighbors that Ray worked most closely with are here today to also pay their respects. Ray was awarded two Purple Hearts for his service in Vietnam, which you’d never know from his unassuming manner. Following his years in service he worked as the Investment Accountant for the County of Marin Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office in the 1970s where he met and married his wife of 39 years, Vickie. Ray retired in 2006 from his position as Chief Investment Officer for the City of San Diego. A huge dog lover, Marinwood neighbors saw Ray walking his dogs twice a day every day for the past 11 years! He will be forever loved and greatly missed by Vickie and their son, Michael, as well as the many friends he had in our community.

Ray Day was an amazing neighbor.  He was instrumental in getting the Toxic Waste clean up at Marinwood Plaza. His comments start at :02:40

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