Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Rent a Room, Go to Jail if you "Income Discriminate" in Marin

Marin Housing Income Discrimination ordinance for Owner occupied houses.  If you mistakenly rent to the wrong person and are perceived to "income discriminate" you may face jail time,  stiff fines and a lawsuit by housing activists.  Participating in the section 8 programs force you to agree to government inspections, modify your house for accessibility and face a government bureaucracy. Is it any wonder that people don't want to participate?

The first member of the public to speak was 1960s radical and lawyer Stephen Bingham (former federal fugitive for his alleged role in smuggling a gun to Black Panther, George Jackson) who said,
"I was expecting opposition from the public, but there is none"

A very common situation is a homeowner who is forced to rent rooms to make ends meet.  A newly divorced Mom, for example, could be forced to consult a lawyer BEFORE renting a room a section 8 tenant.  This law is GROSSLY UNFAIR to low income homeowners.  I doubt that any of the Supervisors will be forced to rent a room in their own home.

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