Thursday, March 16, 2017

Marinwood CSD STEALS another year in office without VOTER Approval a SECOND TIME -Marinwood CSD meeting 3/14/2017

Marinwood CSD board members vote unanimously a SECOND time to EXTEND their terms to FIVE YEARS without Voter Approval.

  • Ron ("shut up lady!") Marinoff  attacks fellow members of the public including Linda Barnello who donated $2500 to the Marinwood Fire Department. 

  • The CSD Board unanimously approved a PAY RAISE to Eric Dreikosen Marinwood CSD Manager despite his mismanagement of the Solar Contract,  $7000 missing funds discovered in the annual audit,  and stonewalling of the public release of documents concerning the solar contract.  

  • Board approves posh remodel of the fire station kitchen that includes $4800 for granite counter tops while complaining about the "high cost of elections" for their reason that they won't allow a vote for a term extension in November 2017.  

  • Leah Kleinman Green leaves the meeting early (again!) because of more pressing matters AFTER she votes herself another year in office.

This is the kind of government we get when no one is paying attention.  Sadly, the electeds will continue their rule for another year without public approval.  They think they are entitled to another term of power because they are not paid for their "public service".  

What about the voter's right to elections?  

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