Saturday, October 22, 2016

Marinwood CSD manager explains why the solar project is stalled.

Marinwood CSD manager, Eric Dreikosen explains to the board why the SolEd Solar project is sitting idle after months of delays.  In Spring  2016, the county building department was blamed for not issuing permits.  It was a bit unusual since the department usually has a one week turnaround.  Construction did not begin in earnest until August 2016.  

Now that Danlin Solar, has completed 90% of the work, we seem to be waiting on buying additional equipment and PGE. Many citizens warned the Marinwood CSD that SolEd was fired for failure to deliver on promises to St Helena, CA and sought more information on the 29 year old entrepreneur from NYC that was "funding" the project. The entire CSD board believes that they are getting the solar project for "free" ,referring to our 20 year commitment to buy electricity at high PGE tariffs.  

We believe that the Marinwood CSD board overlooked the experience and institutional stability that is vital for a financial partner for the life of the contract. We hope the project turns out well but we will reserve judgement until all terms are met.  

On a positive note,  Danlin solar has done an outstanding job of installation so far.  Also, the solar shade project was moved back on the deck and is much more visually appealing than initial designs.

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