Thursday, June 30, 2016

Offensive Speech at the Marinwood CSD. Why it is Important.

For people following the melodrama at the Marinwood CSD, you may have heard that I spoke against after a censorship rule adopted at the March 2016 meeting. The rule requires public commentary BEFORE the Marinwood CSD board discusses it.  So the citizens must GUESS about the item that will be discussed and the pro and con arguments provided to the public.   It is a bizzaro, Orweillian view of the Marinwood CSD to assert this interpretation of their responsibility to allow public commentary at public meetings. It is effective censorship.

To make my point about the importance of free speech in democracy, I pointed out how speech is protected-even the patently offensive during my commentary.   It caused a panic and the board called the police to have me removed for "creating a disturbance".  The police came and did not remove me as I was well within my right to attend the meeting, make comments and record the business of government.  see video HERE

I have the entire event on tape and plan to release it later.  

In the meantime the above is a great video about the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Offend that makes the point much more eloquently than me.

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