Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marinwood CSD votes Unanimously to approve the use of Pesticides in Marinwood Parks and Open Space

In a unanimous decision, the Marinwood CSD adopts a new Integrated Pesticides Management plan that allows the use of pesticides in all areas of the Marinwood Parks and Open Space.  I was the only speaker in the room that objected to its use especially in open space .   An outright ban of glyphosate (roundup) is being proposed all over Marin at this time by environmental organizations. Glyphosate has been declared a carcinogen by the State of California.

all support a ban on Glyphosate in Marin County


  1. How can they approve the use of glyphosate and other toxic pesticides in the Parks and Open Space of Marinwood?! Don't they care many small children play and walk in and around Marinwood Park and in the Open Space? These chemicals are known to be toxic and any amount of them is too much when there are children around! The health of our children matters more than any plant for God's sake. Why are such important decisions taken by just a few careless people when this subject concerns the whole community?! Toxic pesticides should NOT be used in Marinwood Parks and Open Space and there should be a petition to ban their local use.

  2. I totally agree. At the Parks and Recreation Commission on June 28, 2016, one commissioner advocated the removal of Oleander bush with Glyphosate for "the safety of children". While it is true that Oleander is toxic and arguably should be removed from the minipark on Las Gallinas, it is positively madness to use a suspected carcinogen to remove it.