Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Marinwood's "Solar Svengali", SolEd Benefit Corporation gets fired in St. Helena

On December 17, 2015, I reported how Marinwood's new solar contractor,  Sol Ed Benefit Corporation was fired for "non performance"  I posted documents HERE and the video.   "Mysteriously" within hours, the video of the St. Helena meeting was blocked by an unknown entity.   Coincidence?

What we know from St. Helena City Council, is that Sol Ed Benefit Corporation was derelict in its delivery to provide Solar per the SEED North Bay Contract signed with nine municipal agencies including Marinwood CSD.  (also, San Rafael, Mill Valley and the Southern Marin Fire District  and others)

According to the St. Helena Mayor,  Sol Ed was in serious "breach of contract" and the board UNANIMOUSLY voted to cancel the contract.   Seen in this tape is a discussion of the violation of terms,  the breach of promises,  David Kunhardt's slick defense and a "principal investor" of C2 Special Situations group explaining financing.  C2 Special Situations Group is headed by a 29 year old, Richard Devore, a "financial entrepreneur"  who created a Delaware Corporation in May 2015 to use a shell corporation for the financing of the Marinwood CSD contract. ( If you were fortunate to see the "Big Short", it will give you a good idea where this New York "private equity investor" is from)

Marinwood is not locked into the solar contract with Sol Ed and C2 Beta Holdings.  Prompt action can minimize our financial exposure.   Marinwood CSD Manager, Eric Dreikosan and all Marinwood CSD directors (Justin Kai, Isabela Perry, Leah Kleinman-Green, Bill Shea and Jeff Naylor*)  have been alerted to the problem.  It is now up to them to act swiftly to protect the community just as the City of St. Helena has done.

We have many other vendor options with Solar energy and the taxpayers should have the assurance that our partners will be able to keep their end of the bargain for twenty years. 

Send your letter of concern to Marinwood CSD board to: 

*Jeff Naylor was the only Marinwood CSD director who did not vote to approve the contract with Sol Ed Benefit Corporation and C2 Beta Holdings on December 8, 2015

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