Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Human Robots? Who is writing the software?

With all the social engineering, NSA snooping and new surveillance technology, we feel that we are drifting into a tyrannical nanny state where surveillance and public manipulation are taken for granted. Plan Bay Area, is central planning gone amuck. The "public process" was nothing more than an orchestrated sham. The public is awakening however to the manipulation and is fighting back. We will not let our freedoms be taken from us so easily. This author/professor Cass Sunstein is describing the philosophy of "Nudge" the new form of government "behavior modification" that marries the idea of "free choice and powerful social psychology" to achieve desired outcomes. It is "nanny state 2.0" For more on "Nudge" see   For criticism of such manipulative policy go here and IBD

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