Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support in my election for Marinwood CSD.  I especially want to thank all of those who posted my signs and talked with their neighbors to help get out the vote.   I look forward to working with the new Marinwood CSD board to encourage responsible budgets,  civic openness and improved parks.  

Running for office is not easy.  I have been fighting for the rights of the community for years.  I was one of the first individuals to make public the massive plans for urbanization of Marinwood-Lucas Valley,  the toxic waste danger at Prosperity Cleaners,  the irresponsible budgets and closed door dealing of past Marinwood CSD boards.   I ran to bring truly responsive local government back to the people.

We still have big challenges ahead.  We need to get our spending under control.  We need new revenue streams and we definitely need more openness in our local government.

I will stay involved to make this happen.

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